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Grab 50% off on 3 months trial for just US$150 US$75 (Black Friday Offer) that includes full access to the software, email based training and technical support. This is to ensure that you explore most of the features, evaluate immediate benefits and understand its potential for your future business before investing in the software. We will even help you work with your own designs to get started.

If you have already tried earlier, please consider purchasing Galaincha as we do not offer multiple trials to the same company. Please write to us at for subscription or one-off purchase.

Galaincha empowers you to design, visualize and produce rugs in various ways:

  • Convert your scanned artwork, photos or inspiration into weavable designs
  • Visualize your designs as finished carpets with different construction options and materials
  • Recolor your designs and show them laid in your customer's room's photo
  • Create design plates and graphs for accurate communication and production

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