Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is Galaincha?
Q: Can I get a trial of the Galaincha software? Will the trial have any limitations?
Q: What are the minimum system requirements to run Galaincha?
Q: Can I run Galaincha in a Mac?
Q: Do you have a demo video of the software?
Q: Is there a place where I can see visualization samples generated from Galaincha?
Q: Do I need to be online to use Galaincha?
Q: Can I order Galaincha on a CD?
Q: When are the updates released? Do I have to pay for updates?
Q: Does the software update from Galaincha erase my previous settings?
Q: Is exploRUG included with Galaincha software?
Q: Are there instructions for using the program?
Q: Do you offer training for Galaincha?
Q: Where do I get help on troubleshooting? Is technical support free?
Q: I have a question that isn't answered here.